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Sufferers of joint pain struggle every day with aches and pains that make even the smallest tasks challenging to complete. Not all treatments necessitate extensive surgeries to relieve pain. Tiny adjustments to one’s day to day can make living with joint pain more tolerable, especially in the home. Many don’t know that a few small tweaks to your living space can help alleviate daily pain. Here are some helpful tips to make your living space more joint-friendly.

Invest in a New Mattress

When was the last time you bought a new mattress? If your answer is over eight years, it is time to invest in a replacement. Rest is a common remedy for joint pain remedy, but if your mattress is old, it may be doing more harm than good. It’s important to find your best bed, one that is neither too firm nor too soft. A firm mattress can push on pressure points while a softer one may let your body sink causing misalignment. If a replacement is outside your budget, specialty pillows or new sleeping positions may also improve joint pain.

Use Anti-fatigue Mats

Long periods of standing on hard surfaces can cause joint pain. Unfortunately, these hard surfaces are difficult to avoid when they coincide with chores. Invest in cushioned mats, called anti-fatigue mats, and place a few around your home. Areas such as the kitchen, laundry room, or garage workbench are all ideal locations. The portable soft surfaces will relieve your joints during extended periods of standing by taking pressure off feet, knees, and back. If you are not sure if this is the solution for you, orthopedic shoe insoles deliver similar relief.

Keep Proper Work Posture

Laptops make any place in your home an office. One downside is many find themselves working long hours in positions that are not ideal for their back. If your job calls for out of office work, creating a proper workstation can lower your chance of joint pain down the road. A dedicated desk with an ergonomic chair (one that keeps adequate posture with chest out and shoulders back) is recommended. Remember to stand up and stretch once every hour during any extended time at your desk. Even with a supportive chair, staying seated for long periods of time can be harmful. Try using your kitchen counter as a standing desk if you want to stay in a productive workflow.

Replace Cumbersome Handles

Suffers from arthritis understand that even the smallest task can be tricky. For example, the standard doorknob is a challenge for those with this ailment. Replacing the standard twisting doorknob with an easier to push lever will make a world of difference on hand joints. Additional home updates include step activated light switches for lamps, lever bathroom fixtures, and ergonomic kitchen utensils. These simple changes will go a long way to making your day to day less painful.

Reorganize Supplies

Sometimes the best solutions are also the easiest and least expensive. If you lived in your home for a few years, everyday items likely migrated to specific locations. Laundry detergent goes in one drawer. A cutting board goes on a shelf. But are they in the best spots for your joint pain? Don’t let familiarity dictate where household supplies are stored. Try re-organizing your kitchen and cleaning supplies to work for you. Place items used daily into easily reachable storage areas and lesser used items into more inconvenient spots. With a quick reorganization, you can help dodge small aches and pains.

By creating a joint-friendly home, your pain can potentially become more manageable. If aches continue, medical procedures with an expert provider may be the best option. Back Pain Centers of America (BPC) can match you with a board-certified spine specialist near you who can provide the expert care you deserve, including many minimally invasive procedures. Call us today at 1-844-201-1308 to take the next step to a more comfortable life.

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