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2 women do yoga to stay active over 50

If you’re concerned about keeping your joints healthy, but also love to hit the gym, you may feel like you’re at an impasse. This simply isn’t true! There are plenty of exercises and machines you can use at your gym to stay fit without giving your joints any grief.


If your gym has a pool, consider making this an integral part of your cardio routine. Swimming is a great full-body workout, and it’s really heart healthy. The chief benefit? There’s virtually no stress on your joints or spine!


If you’re inclined to hop on the treadmill, running can be a bit of a shock to your knees. Walking is a great, joint friendly exercise you can do anywhere, treadmill or no treadmill. Consider walking as part of your warm up and cool down process.

Stair Climbing

Using a stair climbing machine is a good way to work out without sending shockwaves through your body. Looking to sweat it out a bit? Increase the tension on the machine, and you’ll feel the burn (but a good burn)!

Elliptical Trainer

For a more fast-paced joint friendly workout, go for a run on the elliptical. Put in your headphones and get in the zone without the stress that running on pavement or a treadmill adds to your knees and back. You can interval train or increase the resistance on the elliptical to get a vigorous workout.

Isometric Exercises

Work on strength training with isometric exercises. You can strengthen your muscles with…your muscles! You won’t need any weights, so you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting. You can be gentle or intense with isometrics, so find a cadence that works for you and incorporate these into your workout routine!

Yoga & Tai Chi

Breath easier, improve your flexibility and core strength. Whether you take a class at the gym or find an empty mat and a corner, these exercises are excellent joint-friendly warmups, cooldowns, or stand-alone workouts.

Stationary Bike

While some gym equipment can be tough on joints, the stationary bike is a good way to get in a cardio workout without stressing your joints. Take a spin class or just add some bike time into your workout plan.

Rowing Machine

Not all of us have access to the lake, but the next best thing is the rowing machine. You can get a pretty serious workout in on one of these! There’s virtually no impact, just tension and movement, so you’ll get all the benefits of rowing without a boat or a paddle!

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