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Biofeedback training helps people learn how to relax the muscles through proper breathing, postures, and other techniques to help alleviate back pain without the use of medication or invasive procedures.

Biofeedback is a form of alternative medicine that many now use to control pain. Through special training, you can learn to control everything from your heart rate to body functions. It will teach you how to relax muscles and how to breathe to increase relaxation as well as how to use better posture to prevent the body from becoming tensed up.

 During training, you will learn how to place electrical sensors on your body to help obtain your body’s current state. Using the electrical sensors shows what muscles need to be relaxed more or what you need to change, so you can achieve the pain management that you are seeking. When you are trained to know how to utilize biofeedback therapy, you are able to keep track of the following:

  • Brain wave activity
  • Heart rate          
  • Muscle tension
  • Blood pressure

A person interested in accomplishing this must go through specialized training courses so they will completely understand how the body works, as well as the electrical sensors. However, this may seem more difficult than it really is.

Most people have already used biofeedback therapy in everyday life and may not have realized it. For example, everyone has weighed themselves at some point with a scale at home or even taken their own temperature using a thermometer. These are two basic forms of biofeedback that help us to know what our body is currently doing. If after using the thermometer you realize you are running a fever, you know to take medicine to reduce it. This is basically how biofeedback works, but you are using sensors to better understand what’s going on inside your body.

How Biofeedback Can Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is sometimes caused by built-up pressure in the lower area of the back. This pressure will cause the muscles of the back and sometimes the neck to get tensed up. As the pressure gets worse, it can cause the muscles to contract and then the back pain will

Biofeedback therapy helps reduce back pain by eliminating muscle tension that builds in response to the contraction of the lower back muscles. Oftentimes, the muscles of the back and neck become placed under tension and pressure. As this pressure builds, the muscles contract, causing cramps and pain to happen.

Relaxation is the key to helping relieve back pain, and by using this form of therapy you will be able to help yourself relax as well as do away with some of the tension that is built up in your muscles. Training will teach you how to do breathing exercises that will help will help you relax, and to where to place the electrical sensors on your back to help alleviate the pain by relaxing the muscles. Once you are relaxed, you will be able to control your back pain better.

Can it Help You?

Biofeedback Therapy has been known to help people who suffer from chronic back pain as well as other painful conditions. These have included headaches, insomnia and even high blood pressure. Since it is non-invasive and safe to use, you can learn to do this independently at home. The use of this form of therapy may ultimately result in you being able to reduce your current dose of medications. You should speak with your physician about the possibility of using this to manage your pain and where to receive your training.