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Physician Profile: Dr. Joel Braun

Dr. Braun is a board-certified physician who specializes in interventional pain management, a medical subspecialty which treats pain with minimally invasive interventions such as epidural steroid injections and nerve blocks. Dr. Braun works with Pain Stop Clinics in...

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What is a Radio Frequency or Rhizolysis Treatment?

  When it comes to your spine, you will soon learn that there are many steps doctors can take to relieve your neck and back pain that don’t involve surgery. Some more common options are the introduction of pain killers or even physical therapy to...

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What is Coccygectomy?

You’ve tried pain medications, physical therapy, and other methods of non-invasive surgery, yet you are still suffering from constant, unmanageable pain. At this point, you and your physician may be strongly considering surgery. Coccygectomy is an option...

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Physician Profile: Dr. Scott Katzman

Dr. Scott Katzman is an award-winning, internationally-recognized orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery and cervical artificial disc replacement. Because he uses minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Katzman’s patients experience a faster...

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Physician Profile: Dr. Edwin Stevens

Growing up in his grandfather’s workshop, Dr. Edwin (Andy) Stevens learned how to work with this hands from a very young age. Originally expecting to go into Primary Care, it wasn’t until his first surgery in medical school that Dr. Stevens realized the...

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