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Can I Relieve My Back Pain Without Surgery?

 By: John Soliman, DO, FACOS  For individuals with back pain, daily life can turn into a constant struggle. And while there are many methods out there to get rid of that pain, many patients want to avoid undergoing surgery.    Luckily, an experienced doctor...

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What is Spinal Pathology?

What is Spinal Pathology? Spinal Pathology can be anything from a degenerative spine or scoliosis to more acute complex trauma. There are many different levels of spinal pathology, along with many symptoms, ranging from tingling or numbness to acute pain....

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Back Pain and Stem Cell Therapy

What Do I Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain? When back pain becomes a recurring problem, there are a few options you have to mend the discomfort. You may try physical therapy or other conservative methods to ease the pain, but after a...

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Physician Profile

Dr. John Soliman spent his childhood watching his veterinarian father treat animals. His father had hopes of him following in his footsteps, but Dr. Soliman’s dreams veered towards a different path. “My father wanted me to get into veterinary medicine and I...

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