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When we have issues with our neck and back, it can be a treacherous road to go down. With differing opinions and tons of options, figuring out the right option for your spine can be a difficult one.

Back Pain Centers breaks this barrier by matching patients with the spine surgeons that best fit their needs. To further help patients, Back Pain Centers of America has released their inaugural Spine E-Book, a free patient educational resource created to provide information to patients about the latest treatments for neck and back pain. Inside the pages, spine patients will find answers to frequently asked questions, resources, materials and references all related to neck and back pain.

When you go in for a surgery consultation, you may be faced with facts that you, as a non-medical professional, just don’t understand. But if you can go into that meeting knowing what you are suffering from, what your options are, and what you want, you will be better able to make the right decision when it comes to your treatment.

Titan Spine, a leader in spine surgery, has collaborated with Back Pain Centers of America to create this E-book. Titan Spine works to improve lives through spinal surgery, focusing on patients who require spinal fusion surgery. They provide those patients with an innovative interbody fusion device technology that helps patients heal faster—so fast, in fact, that they have been proven to get patients back on their feet in record time. Inside the E-book pages, you will learn more about this technology, plus other innovative options for you and your spine surgery.

Learn more about minimally invasive procedures, options for a faster recovery, and more, inside the pages of the Back Pain Centers of America Critical Factors for Successful Spine Surgery. Download it today, for free!

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