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2 women do yoga to stay active over 50


Swimming isn’t just for kids during the summer. If you have access to an indoor pool, swimming can be a year-round exercise. It doesn’t just help you maintain your weight. Swimming can help relieve your joint pain too. Here are a few reasons to get in the water.

If you’re not currently active, consult your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen to ensure your safety.

Strengthened Core

Swimming helps strengthen your core. Not only is this good for your posture, it also helps relieve your joint pain. Stronger core muscles take on more stress, relieving stress from your joints and back and relieving some of the pain.

Low Impact Exercise

People with arthritis benefit heavily from low impact exercises. Swimming is actually a zero-impact exercise because there is no weight on your body while in the water. This is great for your joint health, as it gives you the opportunity to strengthen the muscles around the joint without putting extra pressure on the joints.

Increased Flexibility

As we age, we lose our flexibility, becoming stiff and sore over time. An ideal way to stretch out your muscles and increase your flexibility is swimming. The increased flexibility allows for decreased joint pain.

Controlled Weight

Controlling weight is an obvious part of exercising. But losing a few extra pounds can also help relieve some of your joint pain.

While swimming is a great addition to your workout regimen, it shouldn’t be the only exercise you do. You also need weight-bearing exercises for healthy bone density. We recommend adding walking to your weekly workout routine.

Excellent Cardio Workout

In addition to helping control weight, swimming for fitness is an ideal workout for helping improve your cardiovascular fitness and your cholesterol levels without putting any undue stress on your back or your joints.

At Back Pain Centers of America (BPC), we understand the value of an active lifestyle. If you or someone you love is no longer able to enjoy life’s everyday moments due to the experience of chronic neck or back pain, we can help. Our board-certified spine specialists utilize advanced, minimally invasive treatments and laser spine surgery to avoid the complications of more difficult open surgery. With the help of BPC, get on the road to recovery and get back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible. Call us today at [sc name=”patient_phone_number_dash”]  to find out how we can help you.


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