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Laser Spine Surgery

When most people hear they need spine surgery to fix their back or neck problems, they may feel apprehensive or wary of the operation’s side effects. It’s common for some to look for other options that may help them achieve a pain-free neck and back without going through an intense procedure. Laser spine surgery is one such alternative that sufferers of neck and back pain can consider when searching for solutions to their problems.

Minimally invasive laser spine surgery can resolve several conditions related to back pain, including lower back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, arthritis, and more. Minimally invasive also means endoscopic technology is often used, which is where a series of lasers, cameras, and small tubes are employed to reach the affected area without tearing at muscle mass or leaving behind large scars. A laser is a tool that can effectively cut, cauterize or vaporize soft tissue like disc material. However, since the laser generates heat, it is not a good tool for bone removal since it takes a high amount of energy for a laser to cut bone. For bone spurs or bone removal that is necessary, other instruments are used to avoid injury to sensitive structures nearby like spinal nerves and the spinal cord.  Once the operation is complete, laser spine surgery patients can expect a quick recovery time of just a few days. Some post-op check-ups may be needed, but otherwise, many patients have experienced the freedom of being pain-free almost immediately.

Due to its unique and less invasive approach, laser spine surgery is generally provided through outpatient facilities or specialized centers dedicated to the practice of laser and endoscopic operations.