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Laser Spine Surgery & Back Pain Treatment Options in Pensacola, FL


Living with neck or back pain?

You Are Not Alone.

All across America, people are talking about the help they’ve found for their neck and back pain with Back Pain Centers.

If you’re ready to start moving and start living for a healthier tomorrow, call 1.844.890.7439 now to speak with us and find the care you deserve with a board-certified spine doctor.

With Back Pain Centers of America, you’d be  joining hundreds of thousands of others, just like you, who have made a decision to come to us to find the right care. If you’ve already had an MRI performed, we do offer a free MRI review. A patient care specialist can discuss these and other details concerning the MRI with you.

About spinal conditions and how we treat them

One important thing to consider when shopping around for a doctor, is to find a board certified surgeon or specialist. Nothing could be more important than the quality of your care.

Why is board certification important? The American Board of Family Medicine talks about board-certified doctors this way: [they are] dedicated to providing exceptional patient care through a rigorous, voluntary commitment to lifelong learning through board certification.

When conventional treatments and conservative measures fail to solve your pain problems, Back Pain Centers of America is here for you — whether you’ve suffered a spinal injury or you have a condition affecting your spine, our minimally invasive and laser spine surgery options have the power to bring you back to health. We even offer FDA-cleared regenerative medicine.

Common Back Pain Causes & Treatments

There are many different conditions that cause back and neck pain. Our spine specialists can identify the cause of your pain and find the best treatment for you.

Some commonly treated conditions include:

Some popular treatments include:

Take Back Your Life

Once you’re on the road to recovery, the enjoyment of everyday life that has felt out of reach is no longer far away. Get out and see the sun — whether you’re shopping South Palafox Street, improving your tan at Pensacola Beach or making your way to the summit of the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum, there are plenty of ways to enjoy what Pensacola has to offer. Or, enjoy a change of scenery — get out of town for the day and spend some time in Panama City.

Don’t put tomorrow off for another minute. Call us today at 1.844.890.7439 and take the first step on the road to recovery.

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**Medicaid not currently accepted. Certain limitations apply to free MRI review.