Laser Spine & Back Pain Treatment Options in Port St. Lucie, FL


Are you living in chronic pain due to a neck or back-related condition? Is your pain keeping you from living with joy?

Most of our patients are just like you, and we can help. At Back Pain Centers of America, we have lent a hand to more than 30,000 patients and helped them find their way to relief from chronic pain.

We have spine clinics located across the country, including a center convenient to Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Call us now at 1-813-750-0706, so we can match you with a board-certified spine specialist who can provide the kind of personalized care you need. It’s simple, it’s free, and could be the most important call you ever make.

Our specialists and surgeons have expertise in addressing a range of conditions using advanced treatments, including laser spine surgery and other minimally invasive procedures.

Some of the common spinal conditions and diseases we treat include:

Some of our popular back procedures and treatments include:

Getting Your Life Back After Your Procedure

Once Back Pain Centers of America has matched you with the right back pain specialist for your condition, and you’ve been treated, you’ll be on your way to thriving in your active lifestyle in Port St. Lucie. Once you’ve recovered, get your golf swing back on one of the excellent courses at PGA Golf Club. Spend a day hiking through nature at Savannas Preserve State Park or enjoy the sounds of waves crashing at Walton Rocks Beach. Enjoy an evening stroll through the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens. Visit Veterans Park at Rivergate and take a long evening stroll along the river. Grab your camera and head to Paleo Hammock Reserve for some great birdwatching or visit Spring Bluff Preserve to enjoy a relaxing time in nature. Wind down with a fine glass of wine at Vine & Barley. Whatever you choose to do, rest assured that the road to recovery will position you to experience the joy of living.

Don’t postpone relief! Call 1-813-750-0706 now and join the thousands of people we’ve already helped take back control of their active lifestyle.

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Physician Profile

Dr. John Soliman


Dr. John Soliman spent his childhood watching his veterinarian father treat animals. His father had hopes of him following in his footsteps, but Dr. Soliman’s dreams veered towards a different path. “My father wanted me to get into veterinary medicine and I said, ‘Well, your patients don’t talk to you, Dad.  I kind of want to hear what’s going on with the patient, and in that aspect, I’ve always had a desire to take care of other people.”


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