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For many individuals, back pain can be linked to muscle soreness or overuse of the muscles in the lower back. This can be caused by too much exercise, as well as a blow to the back, or even from excessive lifting. Massage is often recommended by physicians for patients who suffer from mild back pain conditions.

Receiving massages through a certified massage therapist or electronic equipment that stimulates the muscles can help relax the back and neck to relieve painful conditions.

For most individuals, back pain massage therapy takes place over a period of time. The length of time recommended for the therapy depends upon the type of back injury as well as the pain level of the client. By going through a series of massages, the surface tissues are loosened and relaxed, followed by a deeper level of relief to the area of the pain.

Benefits of Massage

Since massage does not require medication or any invasive techniques, it is often used as a primary means of relieving back pain.

One benefit to massage over other forms of treatment is the reduced cost. And because massages don’t require a prescription or a medical license, it is one of the easier treatments available.

Massage Training

Most of back pain massage is done by licensed massage therapists. The massage therapist utilizes touch to manipulate the soft tissue muscles along the back.

In addition to their hands, many therapists also will use their elbows, shoulders, and even feet and knees in order to provide the most effective pain relief for the client.

Training as a massage therapist varies by state, but most states require at least 500 hours of formal training before granting a license to a massage therapist.

Additional Benefits

Massages have benefits beyond relieving back pain.

First and foremost, blood circulation is greatly improved with massage therapy. Muscles that are overworked actually build up waste products in the tissue, leading to blockages in the circulatory system. When the muscles are massaged, it allows the waste products to move through the body, getting filtered out by the kidney and liver. At the same time, the blood flows more freely through the area.

Other benefits to massage therapy include lowering of blood pressure, which helps the heart become healthier. This has a direct bearing on the health of muscle tissue. The more efficient the heart is, the more oxygen that gets delivered to the tissues in the body.

There is also a marked improvement in the motion range of the muscles that are massaged. In many cases, inactive muscle use leads to back pain, since the muscles tend to become stiff and inflexible. A solid massage loosens those muscles, making the back more flexible and less painful.

A Doctor's Recommendation

Massage has a wide range of benefits for the individual, but it should be noted that massage should always be undertaken with a doctor’s approval. Should the pain fail to dissipate over time, even with massage, it is always wise to seek further medical advice as to possible causes for the pain. For most people, however, massage remains one of the foremost effective ways of alleviating back and muscle pain.