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About Mind Relaxation Techniques

Most people don’t realize that much of back pain can be caused by psychological factors. Things like stress, emotional duress, or pressure can indirectly impact the amount of pain you experience. By taking control of your thoughts and emotions, you can harness the motivation and positive energy that any physician or medical practitioner can confirm as crucial factors in healing back pain.

Mind relaxation techniques have been a rising as a popular form of treatment for all kinds of pain relief, including the back and neck. In other forms of treatment, the psychological aspect is often paid little attention or ignored altogether. Focusing part of your treatment plan towards improving your state of mind has the potential to provide the complete pain relief that lasts well beyond weeks and months.

If you have been experiencing chronic back pain and have been unsuccessful in finding relief through other treatments or surgeries, mind relaxation techniques may be an option worth pursuing.

Types of Mind Relaxation Techniques

There are several types of mind relaxation techniques that can relieve back pain. Some of more well-known types are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Through counseling sessions, cognitive behavioral therapists work with patients to overcome psychological and emotional causes of pain. They attempt to alter the way patients think about their pain and try to empower them to take control of it. Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered a legitimate medical practice and is often covered under insurance plans as an alternative form of pain relief.
  • Hypnosis: Despite its image in popular culture, hypnosis is a legitimate form of therapy that aims to relax the mind and focus on the pain so that the patient is able to have a different mentality about it. Hypnosis is administered by a certified hypnotist who evaluates your condition and symptoms like a normal doctor. Part of the procedure involves placing you in a trance where they can influence the subconscious and bodily perception of pain to alter it.
Other mind relaxation techniques that also have the potential to eliminate back pain are:


  • Muscle-release techniques
  • Progressive relaxation therapy
  • Yoga, or Viniyoga
  • Guided Imagery
  • Biofeedback
  • Talk therapy

Back pain relief doesn’t only have to come from physical-based treatment. To learn more about mind relaxation techniques and back pain relief, continue browsing the site or speak with your physician who may be able to refer you to a professional with a proven track record of success.