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Sports are big part of life. Whether we have spent our lives engaging in sports or just spend our free time running or exercising at the gym, sports are a great way to relieve stress and stay healthy. But there is also a major downside to sports: injury. Injuries in sports are very common, and no matter your level of athletic ability, we are all susceptible them.  

If you have experienced a sporting injury or are involved in sports and worried about the potential for injury, there are some things you should know about sporting injuries.  


What Are the Most Common Sports That Lead to Injury? 

Doctors and surgeons see people in a variety of sports—anything from high athletic capability football and high-level athletes to those that are doing more at-home exercises and things of that nature.  Injuries can essentially happen to anybody with a great number of presentations depending on exactly the pathology that exists. Injuries are seen commonly in football players, horseback riders, gymnasts and dancers as well as your weekend warriors.  


Do Runners Experience More Injuries? 

Any type of athletic event where you have a repetitive nature can increase the degeneration of your spine and potentially cause increased problems of the spine that may require additional treatment. 


What is Considered When Finding a Treatment for Sports Injuries? 

Much of the decision-making process is based on the patient’s history as well as the clinical exam. The exam, along with their imaging studies, which may include x-rays, a CT or a MRI, are put together to help guide treatment.  In general, most spinal pathology can be treated conservatively with things like observation, medication, physical therapy, occasionally spinal injections, and then finally surgery can be considered. 


When is Surgery Considered? 

Surgery is a last resort unless there’s a more urgent necessity to do something but, in most cases, surgery should be the last resort once all conservative measures have failed. 

If you already have issues with your spine, you can’t reverse what has been started, but you can prevent things from worsening. If you are having spine deformities or back pain, call Back Pain Centers at 844-201-1308 to be connected with a Patient Navigator today! The call is free and may be the best thing that you do for yourself! Call Today!

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