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Wake Forest Neurosurgeon

Growing up in his grandfather’s workshop, Dr. Edwin (Andy) Stevens learned how to work with this hands from a very young age. Originally expecting to go into Primary Care, it wasn’t until his first surgery in medical school that Dr. Stevens realized the correlation between mechanics and the spine. After that initial spine surgery, Dr. Stevens changed his path and began to focus on the operating room and the spine. “I grew up with a screwdriver in my hand, helping my grandfather day in and day out, so it just felt very natural for me,” says Dr. Stevens. “From then on, I just felt like I belonged in the operating room and was best suited to be a mechanic on the healthcare team.”

Dr. Stevens grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but came to the Winston-Salem area to do his neurosurgical and spine training at Wake Forest Baptist Health. He left to enter into private practice before being recruited back to Wake Forest by Dr. Charles Branch, the Chairman of Neurosurgery. His success in the community, building and directing two busy Spine Centers of Excellence, positions him well to help support and grow the spine program that Wake Forest now commands in High Point.

His training is also what helped put him on the map in terms of spine surgery. “My training was very heavy in spine,” says Dr. Stevens. “If you look around at different neurosurgical programs or orthopedic programs, some are stronger in one area than another. You’re going to get a pretty good education in most fields, however, not every neurosurgical program has the same emphasis on spine like Wake Forest.” That emphasis allowed him to complete fellowship level spine work for the duration of his residency. Upon completion, he was ready and able to care for the spine needs of the community, whether those needs were pain or tumor related. “As a General Neurosurgeon, I covered about 10 hospitals by default because they didn’t have neurosurgery coverage in the area,” says Dr. Stevens. “However, my passion and expertise is spine surgery, and 99.9 percent of my elective practice is spine related.”

Today, Dr. Stevens works as a faculty member on the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Department of Neurosurgery, a nationally recognized group in spine and brain surgery. He works to provide excellent surgical care for his patients and train a new generation of neurosurgeons. Dr. Stevens focuses on minimally invasive and complex spine surgery, specializing in the treatment of serious spine conditions. He has authored over a dozen peer-reviewed articles on the spine, including writing his own textbook on lumbar fusion.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stevens, please call 1-844-201-1308. Call today and a Patient Navigator will assist you!


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