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When was the last time your practice got a check-up? A half-filled waiting room is just a symptom. When your schedule doesn’t consistently fill, it could be time to evaluate your marketing strategy.

With the nation’s largest network of patients seeking surgical solutions for neck and back pain, Back Pain Centers of America (BPC) offers an integrated approach that helps you to understand what drives patient decisions, increase patient volume and improve the patient experience.

Word-of-mouth referrals are no longer enough to grow your practice. Today’s patients are increasingly turning to online searches to connect with surgical providers, ASC’s and hospitals.

99 % of the patients we encounter have suffered chronic back pain for six months or more. Tired of living in pain and frustration, they are looking online for a solution.

At BPC, we have a robust network of educational sites to help patients understand their treatment options and how to find the road to relief. Our patient coordinators are dedicated to delivering the best patient experience possible and treat each client with warmth and understanding. Each year, we receive more than 300,000 patient inquiries.

BPC can help your practice by connecting you with qualified surgical candidates we’ve identified outside your existing educational and marketing efforts using our proven digital marketing strategies and skilled patient coordinators.

99 % of patients we connect with have already seen a physician or orthopedic specialist and 85 % have had an MRI or CT scan in the past 3-5 years.

Because we make patient experience and safety a top priority, we only work with board-certified physicians and practices and our services are fully HIPAA compliant.

Patients have a choice in healthcare–we can help you be the one they choose.

Call us today at [sc name=”physician_phone_number_dash”] to learn more about how partnering with Back Pain Centers of America can help your practice grow.

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