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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this integrate with our current patient acquisition process?

A: The majority of our clients are looking for ways to grow, not replace their existing patient acquisition efforts. Our service helps organizations like yours efficiently create conversations with surgical candidates which compliments your current operations.

Q: Do you take over my brand or website?

A: No, we utilitze our own proprietary digital assests and marketing channels to drive individual surgical candidates that are looking for a solution to their neck and back pain to our call center. We then prescreen callers and transfer only the individual surgical candidates to you for consultation scheduling. In certain cases, we may co-brand marketing efforts with your practice, if you desire.

Q: Won't this just "cannibalize" our existing patient education offers?

A: No. BPC surgical candidates are responding through an array of proprietary channels, so we are not providing patient candidates that you would have already identified through your existing marketing or education efforts. In other words, the candidates that we deliver are purely incremental to your current volume and most of the time a much higher quality patient candidate.

Q: What will candidates know about my practice?

A: With your input and approval, we craft a unique message and value proposition around your facility and share that with patient candidates during the one-on-one patient coordinator process. Once a patient candidate is comfortable and ready for the next step, our call center coordinators make the “warm transfer” to your facility.

Q: Do you guarantee these leads will convert into patients?

A: Absolutely not (and you should run from any lead acquisition company that tells you otherwise). We’re not physicians. We don’t diagnose potential patients – you do. What we do is identify patient candidates seeking a doctor like you to explore surgical treatment options. We screen them carefully and then transfer them to you for follow up.

Q: Is there any training involved?

A: Yes. We supply it. We’ll schedule a training session with your staff to go over the process – everything from using our intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal to handling the call when we make the “warm transfer” from our call center to yours. Training also focuses on key compliance issues.

Q: Are there any up-front fees?

A: There is a setup fee which includes the portal connection, on-boarding, content creation, marketing strategy and script-writing. This also includes a half day of training for your practice learn how to improve the patient experience and what sets your practice apart.

Q: Is there any revenue lag?

A: There’s an inevitable lag between acquiring a surgical candidate and receiving payment. We typically see an initial investment being made over the first three months, followed by payoff beginning in month four.

Q: Can you help me get better search engine rankings?

A: No. We are not an SEO agency. We are focused solely on providing patient candidates for reputable, board-certified healthcare organizations through our independent marketing efforts. In some cases we will help you with your practice’s exposure to the patient population in your market area.

Q: Are you HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes. We are serious about privacy and security. We pride ourselves on full HIPAA compliance.

Q: Are you compliant with all regulatory and legal agencies for the services you deliver?

A: Yes. We are not a patient referral network and we are not paid on patient referrals. We educate patients on various conditions and treatments, match the patients with surgeons in their area. In an ethical, responsible and compliant manner. The surgical facility makes the determination of who is accepted as a patient based on their medical expertise.

Q: Is Back Pain Centers of America a typical patient lead generation platform?

A: No. We blend our medical marketing strategy, operational expertise, and the sales funnel data generated from tens of thousands of successful surgical candidate placements to run highly targeted and successful programs for our partners – and we have tens of thousands of hours experience doing it for national spine surgery companies. Typical lead-generation companies guarantee phone calls. Others promise website visits. We have a call center which speaks with prospective patients looking for treatment and transfers the call directly to you. Before they ever reach you, phone coordinators have undergone an extensive pre-screening process. That means your staff is not tied up fielding fruitless phone calls or managing tons of needless website traffic. Data drives our decision making.

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