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2 women do yoga to stay active over 50

As we age, it’s only natural to start feeling a few aches and pains here and there. Playing with your kids or grandchildren should be something you look forward to, not something that causes you stress or worry when it comes to your health. Here are a few joint-friendly activities you can enjoy with the youths in your life!


Whether heading out to hike on the trail, going to the mall, or just headed for a stroll down the sidewalk, walking is an ideal activity for both you and the kids. Walking is an excellent, heart-healthy exercise that doesn’t put too much stress on your joints. If your kids are little, consider making your walk into a scavenger hunt or get them some sidewalk chalk so they can create an on-the-fly art installation. If your kids are older, this is a great opportunity for some familial bonding.


Cycling is a great opportunity for some family bonding! If your kids don’t already know how to ride, you can teach them. For you, we recommend ensuring your bike is optimized to your build. Making sure your bike’s seat height and frame size are correct will keep you from experiencing discomfort due to bad bike posture. Whether you’re just riding around the cul-de-sac or you’re on a journey, this is an excellent way to spend time with your kids! After all, as the old saying goes, the family that plays together stays together. Don’t forget your helmet and protective gear!


Maybe people are starting to get tired of hearing how great yoga is, but there’s a reason people spend so much energy talking about yoga. It’s one of the best exercises for joint health at any age. Yoga can also help you feel more relaxed and mentally focused. For the kids, you could get out your Twister mat and let them get creative with it. Either way, you’ll all be feeling better after a good stretch!


If your kids already love playing in the dirt, this will give you a reason to join them. Gardening can be a great way to teach kids about healthy living, from the foods they eat to how they treat the earth. Gardening is also pretty slow-paced, so you don’t have to worry about getting worn out too quickly. Make your approach more joint friendly with knee pads or other ergonomic gear to save your joints. The kids will just have fun learning how to make things grow.


Show us one kid who doesn’t love going to the beach or the pool, and we’ll be surprised. Swimming is fun for both kids and grown-ups. Whether your destination is the pool, lake or the ocean, this is an ideal way to have fun with your kids without stressing out your body. Just be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions when playing in or around bodies of water.

If pain is keeping you from enjoying spending time with the people you love or the active lifestyle you used to embrace, it may be time to consult a doctor about your health situation. At Back Pain Centers of America (BPC), our board-certified physicians are here to help you get on the road to recovery. Our surgeons are well-versed in the latest minimally invasive procedures that can have you back to your old, active self as soon as possible. Call us today at [sc name=”patient_phone_number_dash”] to learn more about how we can help you!

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