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As we age, our muscles weaken, causing a higher risk of problems to our back and spine. And while aging is something we can’t stop, there are things an individual can do to reduce their risk of creating any deformities or problems in their spine.  

Sit Up Straight 

You have heard your parents and teachers telling you to sit up straight your whole life, but does it really make a difference? In fact, those who bend a bit or slouch when they sit aren’t actually hurting their back. Instead, those who sit up straight are strengthening their core muscles as they sit, and having strong core muscles is the number one way to avoid spine deformities.  


Stay Healthy 

Eating healthy and exercising is sometimes all it takes for an individual to avoid issues with their spine. Keeping your weight within the expected range throughout your life can play into your overall spine health as you age. Studies have shown that even those who work high labor jobs and put a lot of stress on their backs on a daily basis were still at a lower risk for spine deformities if they lived a healthy lifestyle.  


Quit Smoking 

Smoking greatly diminishes your health, and just like having a healthy body mass index, you need to have healthy organs to keep your muscles strong and your spine straight. Many people attribute smoking to the lungs, but smokers actually find problems all over their body and have a much higher risk for spine deformities when they get older. Those who smoke are also ineligible for many non-invasive spine surgeries, causing even more problems and pain.  


Strengthen Your Core 

The base of many spine problems can be traced back to your core. If you are constantly using your ab muscles, it will keep your back muscles strong and give you sufficient support for your spine and ligaments. Your spine is the foundation of your body, but your core is what supports it, so keeping it strong is the best way to avoid spine deformities.  

If you already have issues with your spine, you can’t reverse what has been started, but you can prevent things from worsening. You can also improve your overall symptoms by improving your weight, increasing your core strength and living a healthy lifestyle. If you are having spine deformities or back pain, call Back Pain Centers at 844-201-1308 to be connected with a Patient Navigator today! The call is free and may be the best thing that you do for yourself! Call Today!

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