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 By: John Soliman, DO, FACOS 

For individuals with back pain, daily life can turn into a constant struggle. And while there are many methods out there to get rid of that pain, many patients want to avoid undergoing surgery.   

Luckily, an experienced doctor will typically use surgery as the last resort. If we can get through someone’s spine problem without surgery, then the risks aren’t worth it. But, on the other side of things, surgery may be necessary. For example, if someone is getting weaker or losing sensation, then surgery is most likely the best and only option. Before your doctor resorts to surgery, here a few things he may do first.  



If someone has no motor pain or sensory weakness, it’s best to push them towards a conservative approach and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine. Doing strength training exercises and stretching will help build muscle bulk, reduce the amount of stress on the bone and ligaments and help resolve pain and restore function. If your pain is centered on your low back, the focus should be on the abs, obliques and low back muscles. Doing exercises with these muscles will help to relieve spine pain.  



Stretching and targeted exercises are great ways to avoid surgery, but sometimes this type of therapy doesn’t help the patient restore function or eliminate pain. When this is the case, your doctor is likely to recommend something more aggressive, such as an injection to relieve inflammation, chiropractic therapy, decompression or acupuncture.  

There are a lot of gimmicks out there, so its important to understand what actually works. Finding the right spine care specialist will allow you to make a sound decision as they will help guide you and give you the right spine care for your body. Some people need multiple procedures or a larger procedure like a fusion or spine reconstruction, so having the right specialist to help you understand the risks and benefits of every procedure is a great advantage.  

If you are experiencing back problems and hope to resolve your pain without undergoing surgery, contact Back Pain Centers at 1-813-750-0706 or visit https://backpaincenters.com . 


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