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Viniyoga is a blend of various yoga teachings designed for those who are unable to physically perform a standard or more advanced yoga routine.  It combines techniques from different yoga structures, including the following:

•             Asanas, the postures of yoga

•             Bandhas, specific positions to be held

•             Pranayama, breathing techniques used for each exercise

•             Meditation

•             Personal Ritual

•             Sound and Chanting


Different branches of yoga practice have a specific focus, which could include healing, self-actualization and relaxation among other things.  These practices have a set structure of positions and timing that must be adhered to in order to achieve the desired goal.  The most distinct difference with viniyoga is that it emphases breathing, function, stamina and sequencing of the poses to accomplish intent rather than form and a rote practice of moving through the poses.

Though viniyoga is primarily used by those of middle and advanced age, this structure of yoga can also be used by those new to yoga and those who need to strengthen and gain flexibility in certain areas of their body.  It has also been prescribed to help reduce and eliminate back pain.


For centuries, yoga has been used by many for

•             Aiding Self-Actualization

•             Exercise

•             Healing

•             Increasing Flexibility

•             Improve Focus

•             Improve Thought Process

•             Reduce Anxiety

•             Reduce Stress

•             Relaxation

Through the scientific structure of poses and breathing exercises, viniyoga can help back pain sufferers by strengthening the lower back and helping improve posture.  There are also exercises that help reduce the pain in the neck and shoulders, upper back and the legs.


For back pain sufferers, it is an effective and non-pharmaceutical pain management therapy. Viniyoga can reduce and eliminate chronic muscle contractions that cause back pain and strengthen the muscles that provide support for the back.  For some, regular practice of viniyoga completely eliminates the back pain caused by muscle contractions.

The practice of yoga is not limited to physically fit adults.  Those who can benefit from yoga include people of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and levels of physical fitness.  It promotes healthy movement and improves cardiovascular and circulatory function, as well as increases mobility and flexibility.  This helps everyone, including children, patients recovering from injuries and the elderly.  Classes can be found at local community centers, and some choose to practice yoga in their homes.

Back pain has a variety of causes.  A knowledgeable doctor can review the symptoms and identify the cause of back pain.  The doctor can then decide if viniyoga is an appropriate treatment.  Because some causes of back pain severely limit mobility, viniyoga may be prescribed in conjunction with other treatments for back pain.