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Man regains mobility - how a facetectomy can help

You’ve tried pain medications, physical therapy, and other methods of non-invasive surgery, yet you are still suffering from constant, unmanageable pain. At this point, you and your physician may be strongly considering surgery. Coccygectomy is an option your doctor may consider if your pain is concentrated on your coccyx, which is more commonly known as your tailbone.  

Coccygectomy is a serious procedure and most doctors will require patients to exhaust a variety of other options before choosing this treatment. This is because a Coccygectomy requires an uncomfortable surgery and a long recovery process. The uncomfortable part of a Coccygectomy results in the removal of your coccyx. Some doctors may choose to remove the entire coccyx, while others will opt to remove only part of it, all depending on your level and location of pain.  

Luckily, though, while the surgery may be uncomfortable, it is very straight forward and quick. In just about 30 minutes, the surgery will be completed and can even be done in an outpatient office. It is the aftermath that many patients are afraid of. In general, the recovery will take about three months to heal, while some patients may have noticeable pain from the surgery for up to a year.  

Reasons for a Coccygectomy 

As stated, a Coccygectomy is usually a last resort option for treatment of tailbone pain. But just because it is not an initial option, doesn’t mean it isn’t the best option for your treatment. In fact, those that are ideal candidates for a Coccygectomy usually find great, lasting results after this procedure, but a Coccygectomy isn’t for everyone. Ideal candidates include: 

  • Those who have increased mobility in their tailbone 
  • Patients who experience a change in shape to their tailbone or a small bone spur at the end of their tailbone, causing pain. 
  • Patients with a documented positive response to other injection treatments. 
  • Patients who experience a fluid-filled sac at the joint above the tailbone.  

If you feel you are a good candidate for a Coccygectomy or have tailbone pain and want to know your options, contact Back Pain Centers of America today. Call 1-844-201-1308 to speak to a Patient Navigator who can help you on your journey to pain relief! 

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