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When it comes to your spine, you will soon learn that there are many steps doctors can take to relieve your neck and back pain that don’t involve surgery. Some more common options are the introduction of pain killers or even physical therapy to relieve pressure on the area of your spine that is in pain.

But beyond the traditional, non-surgical methods, there are other types of treatment options that you may not be aware of before speaking with your physician or spine surgeon. One of these treatment options is Rhizolysis. In short, Rhizolysis is a form of treatment that uses radio frequency and heat to stop your joints from sending signals back to the spine that cause the pain you are feeling. Your physician will probably suggest this treatment to you when painkillers fail to release any of your pain and you aren’t a candidate, or do not want, more invasive forms of surgery.

The best part about Rhizolysis is that it does not require a patient to enter the hospital, and the treatment is complete within just 30 minutes. Patients will require local anesthesia, but once that wears off, patients are usually permitted to return home. Once the treatment occurs, most patients will feel a gradual decline in their pain, eventually resulting in full or partial relief. During the procedure, patients are said to feel a slight tightness or tingling sensation or even a throbbing feeling in their back.

After the procedure, patients can resume their normal lives. Due to the anesthetic, doctors will most likely require a day of rest following the procedure to ensure that it is all out of your system before you resume activities such as driving or exercise.

As for success rates, about 75 percent of cases will see an improvement in their pain, with 50 percent finding little to no pain for up to 2 years. For many patients, the nerve can regenerate itself so it is possible for the pain to return after some time.

If you are interested in exploring Rhizolysis or other non-invasive treatments for your back or neck pain, contact Back Pain Centers of America today. Call 1-844-201-1308. It is a FREE call, and may be one of the best calls you ever make!




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